Immersive Histories: Dambsuters - Lancaster Interior

Description: A couple of screenshots captured in engine (Unity), showcasing the interior of the Avro Lancaster BIII 464 as seen from the user positions in the “Immersive Histories: Dambusters” VR experience.

Venues: BFI Southbank, RAF Museum London

Release platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S

Tasks: Optimised high poly meshes to under 25% of original tri count, created efficient UV layouts, combined elements of existing base colour maps into small texture atlases and edited them, baked and painted all normal maps, created all additional PBR maps (metallic, roughness and AO), modeled, unwrapped and textured new low poly meshes, lit the Lancaster interior and exterior and baked lightmaps.

Original Avro Lancaster BIII Type 464 high poly meshes and high-res textures (excluding the Gee Indicator Unit and desk clutter) created by Piotr Forkasiewicz –

Software: 3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, Quixel Suite, Unity